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CISA-SNIA Viscose factory closed doors in 1954, and a 12 hectare area was abandoned for decades. In the early 90s, the neighborhood committee Pigneto Prenestino, starts a fight against a continuous and impressive attempt at property speculation that has persisted to this day. In February 1995 it was occupied the area that houses the community center CSOA Ex Snia. Another part of the area, now public park of Energie was expropriated and returned to the people between 2000 and 2004.

In 2013 began the current mobilization to the annexation of a lake of 10,000 square meters, provoked in 1992 by perforations of the Pulcini Roman building enterprise in the misguided attempt to build a shopping center, and of several hangars of the factory.

The project want to stop speculation and experiment with the self-management of public services for mutual benefit: Education, Culture, Music projects and reuse/recycle materials laboratories.
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